Schuylkill County FireFighters Association

SCVFA Scholarship Application Documents

SCVFA Scholarship Cover 2021

SCVFA Scholarship Application 2021

Schuylkill County Volunteer Firefighters Association

C/O First National Bank Minersville

P.O. Box J

Minersville, PA 17954


2021 Scheduled Meeting Dates, Location and Start Times:

1st Quarterly Meeting – January 31, 2021 @ Good Intent Fire Company, Pottsville

Start Time 1430 Hours

2nd Quarterly Meeting – April 7, 2021 @ Coaldale Fire Company – Start Time 19:00 hours

3rd Quarterly Meeting – Convention Meeting – Minersville

4th Quarterly Meeting –


Listed below are the Officers and Committee list for 2020: 

Schuylkill County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association

2021 Officers List



Dave Sattizahn, Pine Grove Firefighters’ Relief


Cell: (570) 617-8742

1st Vice President

Mike Wasko, Polish-American Fire Company, Shenandoah


Cell: (570) 590-3589

2nd Vice President

Tom Slane Jr., Tuscarora Fire Company


Cell: (570) 527-7335

Recording Secretary

Leroy Boyer, Liberty Fire Company, Schuylkill Haven


Cell: (570) 789-9526

Financial Secretary

Gary Witmier, Pottsville Firemen’s Relief


Cell: (570) 640-8888


Eric Eichenberg, Minersville Fire-Rescue


Cell: (717) 648-2062


Dale Hadesty, American Hose, Tamaqua


Cell: (570) 640-0796


Jason Witmier, Pottsville Firemen’s Relief


Cell: (570) 656-3021


Chris Kuzio, Friendship Fire Company, Englewood


Cell: (570) 590-7275


Jack Messner, Pottsville Firemen’s Relief


Cell: (570) 527-0212


Financial Officer

Jim O’Brien, Minersville Fire-Rescue


Cell: (570) 617-4785


Schuylkill County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association

2020 Committee List

Training Committee — Frank Zangari (chairman), Mike Wasko, Mike Strouse, Jim Misstishin, John Blickley, Kevin Sibbett, Pete Damiter, Shelby Sattizahn

SF2DO Advisory Board — Tom Slane Sr. (chairman), Eric Eichenberg, Jim O’Brien, Frank Zangari, John Matz, Dave Sattizahn, Jason Witmier, Brian Connely,
Rick Wiest (Williamson Friedberg Jones), Bud Quandel (Quandel Enterprises), Frank Zukas (SEDCO), Micah Gursky (Tamaqua Borough)

Academy Grounds — Eric Eichenberg (chairman), Mike Wasko, Chris Kuzio, Todd Troup, Ben Schuettler

Constitution & Bylaws — Mark Valentine (chairman), Tom Slane Jr., Dan Metzger, Brian Connely, Art Connely, Chris Kuzio

Laws & Legislation —- Tom Slane Sr. (chairman), Tom Slane Jr., John Matz, Brian Connely, Frank Zangari

Credentials — Bill Blickley (chairman), Ryan Slane, Leroy Boyer, Julie Zangari, Mark Higgins

Convention Guidelines — Gary Witmier (chairman), Eric Eichenberg, Dave Sattizahn, Leroy Boyer

Fire Prevention — Tom Slane Jr. (chairman), Leroy Boyer, Kevin Sibbett

Scholarship — Jason Witmier (chairman), Tom Slane Jr., Bill Blickley, Brian Connely, Art Connely, Gary Witmier

Auditing — Tom Slane Sr. (chairman), Mike Wasko, Tony Aschman, Dale Hadesty

Executive Committee — Dave Sattizahn (chairman), all current officers and past presidents

Apparatus and Inventory — Tom Slane Jr. (chairman), Dave Sattizahn, Frank Zangari, Eric Eichenberg

Trustees — Eric Eichenberg (lead trustee), Jason Witmier, Chris Kuzio, Dale Hadesty, Jason Witmier

Accountability Committee — Jason Witmier (chairman), Mike Scheib, Trent Zulick, Tom Slane Jr., Frank Zangari

Memorial Service — Rev. Fred Crawford (chairman), Mike Kitsock