Schuylkill County I.M.T.

Schuylkill County Incident Management Team Type 5


Following the experience of many County fires and other disasters (Flooding) in the past years, one of the emerging priorities within the Schuylkill County EMA and Schuylkill County Fire Chiefs association has been developing an Incident Management Team

Type 5.  

Initially starting as verbal discussions, the idea grew into a meeting of the Schuylkill County EMA and the Schuylkill County Fire Chiefs Association working group. The Working Group decided that it would develop and present a proposal to the County Chiefs association members. The thought behind the Working Group’s IMT development was that during any type of natural or Man-made disaster/emergency within the County, many jurisdictions would become overwhelmed in very short order. Many jurisdictions within the County have small populations and their first response agencies are composed of mainly volunteers, or with individuals that serve in more than one position (i.e. Fire Chief and Local Emergency Management Coordinator).

Building a system that will provide consistent support during an emergency is a priority. The IMT will be a trained, multi-discipline, all hazards response resource for an affected jurisdiction to draw on to assist their staff with command, control and incident management functions. The IMT will be trained to fill these roles in both tactical field operations and in an Emergency Operations Center. The IMT will be developed so that they would be able to be fully self-sustained, not drawing any resources from the requesting jurisdiction. Throughout our County an incident that would require the activation of an IMT would also make it impossible for that jurisdiction to provide any support to that team. Therefore, the IMT will come as a complete package, able to meet all of their personal and work needs, for that time period.

Local and Regional Incident Management Team (Type 4 and 5) 

A Local or Regional IMT (Type 4 or 5) is a single and/or multi-agency team for expanded incidents typically formed and managed at the city or county level or by a pre-determined regional entity. It is a designated team of 7-10 trained personnel that responds to incidents that are typically contained within one operational period or usually within a few hours after resources initially arrive on scene. The Local IMT may be dispatched to manage or help manage incidents requiring a significant number of local and mutual aid resources. Incidents that a Local IMT may be utilized at include major structure fires, multi-vehicle crashes with multiple patients, armed robbery operations, or a hazmat spill. The Local IMT may also be used at public events. Local IMTs may initially manage larger, more complex incidents prior to arrival of an All-Hazard IMT or a Type 1 or 2 IMT. 

What is the Schuylkill County Incident Management Team (IMT)?

The IMT (Type 5) is a group of emergency responders from various response disciplines and specialties that have received extensive training and experience with response and management of large-scale and specialized events. The IMT is an “all-hazards” team that can assist local responders with everything from major fires or natural disasters, to planning for specialized events. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is also in the process of training and establishing a Type 3 incident management team for use at longer-term events with multiple operational periods.

Minimum requirements for Schuylkill County IMT Application include Four years experience in a Command position, completion of Incident Safety Officer (ISO), Incident Command System (NIMS ICS for the Fire Service), NIMS 300, and ICS for Emergency Operation Center course. 

Application Process: 

1)      The application may be submitted to:

The Schuylkill County Fire Chiefs Association IMT Application Committee

John Matz, Frank Zangari and Jim Misstishin.   

Questions about the application should be directed to any of the IMT Committee members or John Matz Schuylkill County Emergency Management Coordinator.

2) Once the application is received it will be reviewed by the IMT Committee and if approved the candidate will be notified directly from the IMT committee to establish an interview appointment with you. When notified of the interview please provide copies of the documentation requested as per the application form. Copies should be given to the interview committee at the time of your scheduled interview.

3) After the Committee interview your application will be signed off and forwarded to the Schuylkill County Emergency Management Coordinator for his/her review. Upon his/her completion the candidate application will be signed off and the candidate notified.