Fire School Policies

 Student Responsibility starting July 15, 2020

Dear Student,
As we begin to return to training we wanted to provide you and your departments with information, regarding what Bucks County Community College has developed, so that you understand your role.
As you are aware, on the 13 March 2020, a “stay at home” order was issued by the Governor, in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Immediately all fire, rescue, and EMS training ceased throughout the Commonwealth. In addition, certification testing was also suspended. These life-saving actions, left no options for incumbent and emerging volunteer and career emergency services providers to complete their core training and certification processes. We at Bucks County Community College have worked on a plan that has a primary immediate Goal to complete all postponed basic/entry level training courses to position volunteer and career personnel to actively participate in response activities.
In this section we will look at the responsibilities all students will need to address when returning to the Training Centers for completing hands-on training sessions.
These responsibilities will include the following:
• All students will remain at home when feeling sick or ill, if a household member is feeling sick or ill, if a household member is quarantined, or if staff, instructor, student or a household member tested positive for COVID-19.
• If a student does become sick or ill, they shall contact their health provider for guidance and assistance, as well as, their direct supervisor.
• All students will self-report sickness, illness, quarantine, or exposure to their direct supervisor.
• All acquired correspondence and information will be reported to the Bucks County Community College Human Resources Department. Exposed persons will be notified in accordance with applicable laws and directives.
• All students are required to wear face covers that cover mouth and nose when not wearing respiratory protection and when not eating or drinking.
• All students will be prescreened prior to entering the training area(s).
• All students will be provided time for frequent hand washing/sanitizing. A remote and open hand washing station will be provided at the training station.
• All towels/wipes will be properly disposed before leaving any training site.
• All students will practice current CDC social distancing recommendations. This includes issued equipment, PPE, personal belongings, seating space, and when eating of drinking.
• All students when possible will wear gloves when handling equipment or operating apparatus. If equipment or apparatus are handled without gloves, all touched areas will be wiped down with a sanitizing wipe or solution prior to the additional use.
• All students will be provided restroom accessibility. Restroom usage will be limited to not more than two persons per visit. Current social distancing recommendations apply.
The College’s exposure control policy during training requires all participants to maintain social distancing, face covers, and prescreening. Refusal to follow this policy could result in dismissal from the course/session; however, students will be permitted to complete their training at a later date, if they so desire. Anyone requesting an accommodation regarding this policy must contact their lead instructor in writing prior to the start of the session.

No Show Policy

The No Show policy is designated only for those students who register for a class and do not show up without prior notification.  It is intended to ensure that students attend the training course for which they have registered and to reduce course cancellations because of students who fail to attend classes.   Students who are unable to attend courses are required to notify the SCTA via the “Unable to Attend Upcoming Training Course” form within ten (10) days of the start of the course.  In the event that a student, does not notify SCTA and does not show to the registered class, the SCTA reserves the right to bill your company/department, and/or suspend the student from registering for further training at the SCTA, and/or suspend the student’s fire company/department from utilizing the SCTA grounds.

For more information on the No Show Policy, please read the policy in full here….

Fire Chief Authorization

The Fire Chief Authorization policy is intended to ensure the Fire Chief’s awareness regarding the student’s and Fire Company/Department’s responsibilities as pertains to participation in training held at SCTA.  This policy addresses such items as student fulfillment of prerequisities, medical qualification, Workman’s Compensation Coverage, student fees, and PPE.

For more information information on the Fire Chief Authorization Policy, please read the policy in full here….

Facial Hair Policy

In order to comply with accepted NFPA and OSHA standards and Pennsylvania State Fire Academy guidelines; any program that utilizes SCBA or other respiratory protection will require students registering to be clean-shaven.

For more information on the Facial Hair Policy, please read the policy in full here….