Schuylkill County Fire Chiefs Association

2019 Meeting Dates:

2nd Quarter Meeting – April 16, 2019 – 7 PM at Schuylkill County Public Safety Building, 435 N. Centre Street, Pottsville.


All meeting start times are 7 PM, Locations will be announced.

Schuylkill County

Fire Chiefs



Communications:  Radio Protocol (Chair) Jason Witmier

Bob Leshko, Mike Pothering, Jr., Ed Kimmel, Bobby Miller, Scott Krater,

Eric Eichenberg, John Matz, Dave Sattizahn, and Rick Examitas

Advisory (P.F. &ESI) Harrisburg/ Public Relations/ SWAB:  Frank Zangari,

Tom Slane, John Matz, Dave Sattizahn and Gary Witmier

Juvenile Firesetters: (Chair) Frank Zangari

Mike Glore, John Matz, Tom Slane, Bob Leshko, Jim Misstishin, and Bill Dewald

State Fire Marshal’s Office Updates/Training: (Chair) John Burns, John Kellman and Tom Slane

Training: (Chair) Kevin Sibbett and Jim Misstishin, (IMT)

Fire Prevention: (Chair) Mike Strouse

Dave Sattizahn, Dave Duffy, Frank Urhin, Jason Reichwein, Dave Hoffman and Matt Deeter

S.O.G.’s: (Chair) David Hardinger

John Matz, Jason Hartz, and Phil Groody

Schuylkill County Fire Chief’s Advisory Board:  Executive Officers/ 4 Appointees Approved by County Commissioners

DCNR:  Jake Novitsky and Dave Duffy

Special Committees will be appointed as needed.

Committee chair designees should have a report available for each Fire Chief’s meeting. It is expected you hold at least one meeting with your group during each quarter, even if it is e-mails to keep your group pro-active and informed of all activities.