RORA SCTA 5-21-2022

Rope / High Angle Rescue II (RORA)                                  FSC:  0339

Lead Instructor: Joseph Marconi              Hours: 16.0 (Lecture: 4.0hrs / Lab: 12.0hrs)

Prerequisites: Age 18 and up, Rope / High Angle Rescue I

Gear: Helmet with chin strap, clean leather gloves, eye protection, work or hiking boots, knee pads if possible, outdoor work clothing or coveralls appropriate for weather conditions. TURN OUT GEAR IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Students may supply additional personal or department equipment, but all such equipment is subject to inspection and/or rejection by the instructors prior to use.

Description: Students in this course will be re-introduced to the various types of rescue equipment. Students will be trained in mechanical advantage systems, safeties, basic ascending, basic rappelling technique and tie-offs with a rappel rack, rope changes, and one-person rescue. The student will perform a low angle raise and lower evolution simulating patient transport on embankments. Most of the program is hands-on and time is allotted for practice in order to build proficiency.

Non-Member Cost: $39 check made payable Schuylkill County Volunteer’s Firefighters Association on the first day of class.

Location Dates Time
Schuylkill County Training Academy

125 Fireman’s Road

Frackville, PA 17901

5/21/2022 Saturday

5/22/2022 Sunday