HMOR 2-23-2022

Hazardous Materials Ops Annual Refresher Training-HMOR          FSC 737

Lead Instructor – William Glosser                   Hours: 6.0 – Lecture-2.0hrs / Lab-4.0hrs

Prerequisites: Haz-Mat Operations Level           Gear: PPE, SCBA

Description:  This course will allow a hazardous material emergency responder at the First Responder Operations Level to receive refresher training as required annually by federal regulation.

Non-Member Cost: $36 check made payable Schuylkill County Volunteer’s Firefighters Association on the first day of class.

Location Dates Time
West End Fire & Rescue

700 W. Mahanoy Street

Mahanoy City, PA 17948

2/23/2022 Wednesday 

2/24/2022 Thursday