Important Information on Class Registration & Prerequisites

All courses have maximum student enrollment levels established as well as a minimum. Individual student requirements and conduct shall be in accordance with established Pennsylvania State Fire Academy and Bucks County Community College policies as stated by the instructor at the beginning of class. Students will be removed from class if they are in violation of these established policies. If the course requires prerequisite training and/or national certification the student must have proof (Copy of Certificate) of such on the first scheduled meeting of the class. Students must pre-register for the class on the SCTA web site. Students that are pre-registered and do not attend the class are subject to the NO SHOW POLICY of the SCTA.
Each student will be awarded a Certificate of Training after successful completion of the Course. Absence from 20% of the prescribed hours automatically disqualifies a student from receiving a certificate, unless the missed training sessions are made up with an approved instructor. The lead instructor must be notified immediately of possible class absences. Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with valid justification. Some courses do require 100% attendance depending on the curriculum being presented.

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