State Certified Classes Scheduled

Vehicle Rescue Awareness – NFPA 1670 (NVRA) FSC: 1178 

Instructor: Joe Kufrovich

Hours: 24.0 (Lecture: 12.0hrs / Lab: 12.0hrs)

Prerequisites: Age 16 and up, Hazardous Materials Awareness (RIHM) – NFA OR higher level of HazMat training or Certification

Gear: TOG, Eye Protection

Text Book: Jones & Bartlett, Vehicle Extrication – Level I & II: Principles and Practice, 1st Edition

 Description: This course will provide an awareness level of information and skills as it pertains to vehicle rescue incidents. Topics will include general vehicle rescue function/operation; incident management of the vehicle accident/rescue incident; vehicle anatomy, design, and construction; recognition and control of hazards relative to a vehicle accident/rescue incident; and the tools and equipment used at a vehicle accident/rescue incident.

The class will start November 27, 2018 @ Altamont Fire Company. Start time is 1830. Other class dates: 11/29, 12/04, 12/05, 12/09 (Sunday 0800 to 1600). 

There is no fee for members of Schuylkill County Volunteer Firefighters Association, non-member companies the cost is $37.50 per student; the Non-member Fire Companies will be invoiced for the class. The check is made payable to Schuylkill County Volunteer’s Firefighters Association.

Students must Pre-Register (NO WALKINS ACCEPTED).

The SCTA NO SHOW Policy will be enforced. The required minimum class size is 10 students The SCTA curriculum staff will contact the adjunct instructors and students ten days before the start of the course, if the required number of students has not been met.